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Welcome to the official (well, the only) site of comic book writer Andrew McGinn and comic book artist David Neitzke. Thanks for stopping by. The spyware and Trojan horses will be done loading onto your machine in just a second. (We kid.) Take a moment to read about our first graphic novel, "The Legacy," (ISBN: 978-0-9820812-6-6) which is out via DragonFish Comics. So find a comic shop or bookstore in your town and get (or at least request) this thing now...or just buy it on the Internet and deprive your community of sales tax. The choice is yours.


  • McGinn talks (yaps, jives, rambles) to the British comics site Shelf Abuse. Read it here, turkeys.
  • Cleveland rocks! And Essex, England, rolls! "The Legacy" is the subject of two killer new reviews from the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the U.K. website Shelf Abuse.
  • McGinn and Neitzke speak to Ohio State University's student newspaper. (And McGinn apologizes to Neitzke for always sounding so stupid.) Read it here.
  • Renown Ohio book critic Vick Mickunas takes on "The Legacy" and likes it (which is probably a good thing, considering that he wrote the review for the newspaper McGinn works for). Read it here.
  • Bookgasm likes our "subversive graphic novel." Read the review here.
  • McGinn exposes himself to fellow Iowan John Hogan over at Graphic Novel Reporter. Read it here.
  • "The Legacy" scores a glowing review in the literary trade journal ForeWord. Read it here.
  • McGinn speaks to Comic Related about The Legacy...and manages not to sound like a complete douchebag. Check it out!
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