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Could an Eisner be far off? OK, no. A Teen Choice Award? Possibly. "The Legacy" has been named best trade paperback/graphic novel/collected edition of 2010 at the Champion City Con in Springfield, Ohio. Also, McGinn was named the con's best indie writer of 2010. So, uh, congratulations to ourselves.


"I didn't know what to expect from 'The Legacy,' but it is brilliant. That's not something I say often. The book is funny, poignant and perfectly drawn. I'm insanely jealous that something that looks so simple can be so complex."

— Michael San Giacomo, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and author of TALES OF THE STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN and PHANTOM JACK: The Nowhere Man Agenda


Comic retailers: "The Legacy" can be found in the March issue of Diamond's "Previews" mag on page 249 — opposite the two ads for gay manga! We're a "Certified Cool" pick. (No joke.) Our next project will likely be gay manga. (No joke.)


"As with the best books, The Legacy offers casual readers an enjoyable opportunity to escape into another world. But it also offers those wanting something more from their entertainments a glimpse of that rarest of moments the instant when a callow youth chooses to become a man."

— Bill Baker, ForeWord Reviews


"McGinn's parodic wit never fails, producing one belly laugh after another, not least because he has comics historiography and conventions down cold. Neitzke complements the script to a T with a drawing style that suggests now Hi and Lois, now For Better or Worse, now Dennis the Menace, now Calvin and Hobbes."

— Ray Olson, Booklist


"Andrew and David flex their creative muscle to make you laugh about, think about, and in the end respect what the creators (and their families) of some of the longest-running and popular comic strips in American history go through to ensure the dailies never die."

— Bill Gladman, Comic Related



"A rollicking good read from beginning to end."

— Midwest Book Review

"It's the sort of comic Woody Allen would have once written if he'd taken a different career direction; smart, funny and unashamedly introspective."

Carl Doherty, ShelfAbuse.com


"The (comic strips) we're shown aren't funny, just offensive."

— Johanna Draper Carlson, Comics Worth Reading
(Wait. That's not supposed to be praise, is it?)


"McGinn and Neitzke cleverly examine the place of an esteemed newspaper comic strip in today's world — clearly in the midst of a graphic novel craze. This witty satire amusingly stretches historical and cultural facts in a tantalizing concoction of humor and sentiment."

— David A. Beronä, author of "Wordless Books: The Original Graphic Novels" and 2009 Harvey Awards nominee


"Andrew McGinn is at his most clever, packing a plethora of sly pop culture references into each chapter that serve as delightful Easter eggs for fans to discover. David Neitzke has a whimsical, yet polished style that perfectly matches the characters and their universe, and is reminiscent of that of 'Dennis the Menace' creator Hank Ketcham. The two working in concert with one another bring many smiles and more than a few laugh-out loud moments in their scything commentary on comic strips and their place in the American newspaper industry."

— Matthew J. Smith, Ph.D., co-author of "The Power of Comics: History, Form & Culture"


"The Legacy" is the subject of a stellar review in the March 15 issue of the American Library Association's Booklist, with reviewer Ray Olson calling it "hilarious." So go support your local library, 'cause God knows your state government probably isn't anymore...


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  • Renown Ohio book critic Vick Mickunas takes on "The Legacy" and likes it (which is probably a good thing, considering that he wrote the review for the newspaper McGinn works for). Read it here.
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