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  • McGinn talks (yaps, jives, rambles) to the British comics site Shelf Abuse. Read it here, turkeys.
  • Cleveland rocks! And Essex, England, rolls! "The Legacy" is the subject of two killer new reviews from the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the U.K. website Shelf Abuse.
  • McGinn and Neitzke speak to Ohio State University's student newspaper. (And McGinn apologizes to Neitzke for always sounding so stupid.) Read it here.
  • Renown Ohio book critic Vick Mickunas takes on "The Legacy" and likes it (which is probably a good thing, considering that he wrote the review for the newspaper McGinn works for). Read it here.
  • Bookgasm likes our "subversive graphic novel." Read the review here.
  • McGinn exposes himself to fellow Iowan John Hogan over at Graphic Novel Reporter. Read it here.
  • "The Legacy" scores a glowing review in the literary trade journal ForeWord. Read it here.
  • McGinn speaks to Comic Related about The Legacy...and manages not to sound like a complete douchebag. Check it out!
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